Diane Vogt

Diane Vogt

Troupe member, teacher


Diane began FCBD® Style (ATS®) belly dance classes with Devi Mamak in 2004, dancing with and performing in Devi’s student troupe Ghaziya. Diane became a member of Ghawazi Caravan (Caravan Dance Company) in 2009.

During the years that Diane has been studying FCBD® style and Modern Fusion Belly Dance with Devi, she has gained General  Skills Certification with Carolena Nerriccio, trained and attended workshops with Jrisi Jusakos, Rachael Brice , Deb Rubin, to name a few. Diane also studied with Fiona James Ballet school, attending adult classes for 3yrs.

Diane completed Devi’s Intensive Teacher Training in 2013, helping out with classes in Hazelbrook, and also assisting with Devi’s Individual Appraisal Workshops, travelling with Devi interstate and overseas to Berlin in 2016.

In 2011 along with other members of the troupe,  Diane travelled to San Francisco to be part of FCBD® ‘ Tribal Basics Volume 9’ DVD, working alongside Devyani Dance Co, and Tamarind from Milwaukee.
Performing at the ‘Devotion: the Home’ stage show in nearby Berkeley being a highlight of that trip and featuring international artists such as Colleena Shataki and Helm.


What do you do for a living? Ive gone back to work in a Dental Practice after many years working  in the disability sector .
In 2020 I became a grandmother, and I spend very precious time a couple of days a week with my gorgeous, bright and happy granddaughter Sunny.

How long have you been doing Tribal Style (Modern Fusion)? 18yrs! In the beginning of 2004, I saw an ad in the local paper and started classes with Devi in Hazelbrook the very next week, a whole new and exciting world opened for me.

What Appeals to you about Tribal (Modern Fusion)? Everything! The costumes/ Jewellery, music. The strong and beautiful lines of the Dancers, creating a dynamic, colourful and engaging performance ,not only for the audience but for ourselves , its a wonderful feeling.

Other Hobbies: So Many ….. Gardening, cooking, crochet and knitting, walking in our stunning Blue Mountains. Keeping fit with regular yoga and recently bootcamp twice a week – Whew!

Where do you see yourself and Caravan Dance Company in the Future ? Continuing our strong bond with each other, Dancing for and supporting our arts community and to keep having fun doing what we love.