Natalie Harvey

Natalie Harvey

Troupe member

Natalie has been studying Tribal bellydance since 2005, when she started with Madonna from DrumDance Bellydance in Toowoomba. Since then, she has taken her bellydance journey down the coast from QLD to NSW, dancing with Dee from Tribal Blossoms in Brisbane, Antonia and Zoe in Newcastle, Cristie and Oreades in Marrickville and finally with Devi and Ghwazi Caravan in the Blue Mountains.

American Tribal Style (ATS) has always been one of Natalie’s dance passions and in 2009 she completed her General Skills and Teacher Training with Carolina Nericcio and Megha Gavin.

Dancing to live drumming with DrumDance sparked an interest in Middle Eastern drumming, and over the years Natalie has learnt to play the darabuka, riq and def with Peter Van Vuuren, Innana Siri Shakti, Sonya Manzalini and Ali Higson.

Natalie has been performing and teaching Tribal Style bellydance for over 13 years and enjoys not only the beautiful look and feel of this dance, but also the wonderful community of dancers that support and empower each other.


When were you born? in 1985
What do you do for a living?
I am in customer service at a wholesaler in the veterinary industry
What are your hobbies? And what’s your personal life like?
I love gardening and can spend endless hours in the garden. We have 2 cats and 1 dog and some fish. We try and get out and about on the weekend but usually end up at Bunnings!
How long have you been dancing?
I only discovered dance in high school in 2000 and really regret not being able to start sooner.
What other styles have you done?
I did Irish dancing for around 5 years
Why did you begin bellydancing?
When I was young, my family went to the Turkish restaurant in town for my Grandfather’s birthday. The one thing I clearly remember was how much I loved watching the bellydancer. I didn’t take up bellydancing until much later after a knee injury doing Irish dance, when I wanted to continue dancing but needed something much lower impact on the joints. I took one class and never looked back!
What appeals to you about ATS?
I love how dancers from around the globe can connect through dance by all speaking the same dance language that is beautiful, fluid and strong.
What dancers inspire you?
I have always been inspired by Carolina Nericcio, she has always carved her own path and I love the dance style she has created. I’m also inspired by Colleena Shakti, I love Rajasthani dance and how she has made it more accessible for us. She is so dedicated to her dance and exploring the traditions from where they came while transforming them into the modern fusion style.
Where do you see yourself and Ghawazi Caravan in the future?
Ghawazi Caravan will continue to grow and change, I look forward to being a part of what is to come as I know it will be a wonderful exploration of dance, transversing many styles and bringing great collaboration.