Tickets for Devi Mamak & The Caravan Band, Caravan Dance Company and special guests, Jrisi Jusakos and Natalie Harvey.
14th April 2023 at Amera’s Palace Marrickville.

Devi Mamak and the Caravan Dance Company AND introducing the Caravan Band!
Devi has been busy during the pandemic fusing her love of dance and live music into one cohesive show!

Join Devi and her talented ensemble of dancers and musicians for 1.5 hours of live music and dance. All of the music are original compositions and arrangements by Devi and the band. The music is a combination of Devis knowledge of classical music, fascination with jazz and love of world music. The original new music is mysterious, eclectic, passionate and multilayered. Sometimes soothing to soul and sometimes eminently danceable
The Caravan dance company mirror the music with original choreographies by Devi and the dance troupe. This will be a fusion of transcultural dance inspired by both Western and Eastern traditions and folkloric styles, presenting a rich tapestry of sound, costume and dance artistry. A fusion of multicultural dances, greatly inspired by the traditional and folkloric styles of the East, presented in an excitingly theatrical manner with music, elaborate costume and artistic skill.
And to add to the excitement we will be joined by special guest dancers Jrisi Jusakos and Natalie Garrow!
Devi Mamak: Piano, zills, dance
Colin Berryman: Sitar
Stuart Vandegraaff: Saxophone, Ney
Sean Niven: Bass
Ali Higson: Egyptian Tabla
April Erzetich: Egyptian Tabla
Kalon Captain: Drum set
Cristie Fuller: Dance
Catherine Obrien: Dance
Diane Vogt: Dance
Special guests
Jrisi Jusakos: Dance
Natalie Garrow: Dance