Rachelle Bryden

Rachelle Bryden

Original troupe member

Where and when were you born?

I was born in Auburn (Sydney) Australia on 22 September 1969.

How long have you been dancing?
Having a facination with harems and after reading numerous works, I was intrigued by the references to bellydancing and the workings within the hierarchy because of it. It was in 1996, around a year after having my first child that I decided to have a fun, new hobby. It felt like a natural progression to find a teacher in the mountains (Kaiya Seaton) and give it a go.

What other styles of dancing have you done?
Classical and modern Egyptian, Sha’abi, Pharonic, Zar and Baladi.

How long have you been doing Tribal style??
Due to Kaiya’s retirement from teaching, I went along for the ride when Devi began teaching tribal. It was 2000.

What appeals to you about Tribal?
I love the strength and confidence that ATS gives you. Having such a strong posture at all times gives me great confidence when performing. I especially love the fact that ATS draws inspiration from flamenco. I feel proud and powerful.

What do you do for a living? Other hobbies?
I have been hairdressing for 18 years and now manage my own business. I have been learning Darabuka (Arabic Drum) since 1998, which has increased my knowledge and understanding of Middle Eastern music.

If Tribal is your current passion, what was your previous passion?
My previous passion still stands: travel and chess. I always travel with a chess set in case anyone is up for a game. I would love to make my next trip to South America or Turkey.

What is your personal life like?
Flat out!

Where do you see yourself and Ghawazi Caravan in the future?
Doing an all expenses paid world tour?? Who knows!!